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By Alex C. Michalos

This monograph describes the contributions to our present realizing of caliber of existence made by means of an important historical philosophers within the Western culture. It does so from the viewpoint of a modern researcher in caliber of existence or human health and wellbeing. Revisiting historical texts from approximately six hundred BCE to three hundred BCE, the e-book explores the earliest rules in recorded western philosophical and clinical heritage that have been considerably concerning present examine and knowing of the standard of lifestyles or wellbeing and fitness for people and groups. It examines the issues and strategies present in those texts and their connection to nonetheless present basic matters and questions comparable to: ‘What is an effective life?’, ‘What is the simplest kind of individual to be?’ ‘How can one inform if one’s society is making development to a couple type of fascinating nation or falling backwards?’ The booklet indicates that throughout time and throughout many cultures, the human species bears a few outstanding similarities.

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Some recent research has shown that errors in forecasting and retrospective assessments of our own feelings are fairly widespread (Diener and Biswas-Diener 2008). Laertius (2000a, p. 217) provided an excellent summary of the Cyrenaics’ quite distinct views. Cyrenaics…laid down that there are two states, pleasure and pain, the former a smooth, the latter a rough motion, and that pleasure does not differ from pleasure nor is one pleasure more pleasant than another. The one state is agreeable and the other repellent to all living things.

Just as there is now no single method or procedure applicable to all scientific investigation (although as late as the twentieth century philosophers talked about “the scientific method”) or to all medical practice, there was none in the fifth and fourth centuries BCE. If human beings are naturally healthy, then the job of a physician must be to help patients return to their natural state. The author of Precepts reminded his readers that sick people sometimes “give up the struggle” for health and even life itself.

His father was Heraclides, also a physician. In the Politics, Aristotle referred to Hippocrates indirectly as a great healer Hippocrates of Cos (c. 450–c. 380 BCE) 27 (IATROS) (Aristotle 1998, p. 198). Apparently, then, there is no doubt about the existence of the man Jones regarded as “an outstanding genius” (Hippocrates 1923, p. xxx). According to Nutton (2013, pp. 145–146), in the Hellenic period from roughly 330 to 30 BCE, “The idealization of Hippocrates as a medical authority…gave rise to, and was in turn influenced by, biographical invention.

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