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He decisively defeated the Spartans. He thus initiated a period in which Thebes became the leading power in Greece. , he encouraged a Theban alliance with Elis, Arcadia, and Argos to combat Sparta; and in the following year, he led a devastating allied in- Epaminondas, standing in the center. (F. R. Niglutsch) 359 Epaminondas vasion of Laconia, after which he liberated the Messenians, whom Sparta had enslaved for 230 years. Upon his return home, he won easy acquittal of charges of misconduct leveled by jealous rivals, but despite his fame, he never dominated local politics.

Geographer and mathematician Eratosthenes. 368 Eratosthenes of Cyrene He also developed an accurate method for calculating the circumference of Earth, noting the difference between the shadow cast by the Sun on March 21 at Syene (none) and some 5,000 stadia away in Alexandria (roughly one-fiftieth the circumference of a circle, or 7 degrees and 12 minutes). He realized (by Euclidian geometry) that the angle the Sun’s rays made in Alexandria was the same as the angle made by lines extended to the center of the earth from Syene and Alexandria (opposite interior angles are equal).

Sidwell, Keith. “Authorial Collaboration? ” Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 34, no. 4 (Winter, 1993): 365. Storey, Ian C. Eupolis, Poet of Old Comedy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003. Wilfred E. Major See also: Alcibiades of Athens; Aristophanes; Athens; Cratinus; Literature; Performing Arts; Pericles; Solon; Sports and Entertainment. 379 Euripides Playwright Born: c. ; Macedonia, Greece Category: Theater and drama Life Euripides (yew-RIHP-uh-deez) was the last of the three great Attic tragedians.

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