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By Robert Irvin Curtis

This article discusses options in nutrition processing and protection from the palaeolithic interval via to the past due Roman Empire. It considers the essential position foodstuff expertise performed within the political, fiscal, and social textile of historic society.

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Ancient food technology

This article discusses ideas in nutrition processing and maintenance from the palaeolithic interval via to the past due Roman Empire. It considers the critical position foodstuff expertise performed within the political, financial, and social cloth of historic society.

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1 4 9 - 7 2 ; Klein, " M o d e r n H u m a n O r i g i n s , " p p . 1 7 9 - 9 1 ; Leakey, Origin of Humankind, p p . 8 3 99; Aiell ü , "Fossil E v i d e n c e , " p p . 73 96. CHAPTER ONE 20 populations in Eurasia and the Neanderthals of Europe. Regardless of the validity of either theory, anatomically modern humans, Ii. sapiens sapiens, dominate the Old World by 30,000 B. P. 40 B. Early Hominid Subsistence Strategies Diet and tool-wear analysis W e must now turn our attention directly to the question at hand: how did food technology develop during the evolution of m a n , and what role did it play in that evolution?

5 T i m 1). W h i t e , G e n S u w a , a n d B e r h a n e Asfaw, "Australopithecus ramidus, a N e w Species of Early H o m i n i d f r o m A r a m i s , E t h i o p i a , " Nature 371 (22 Sept. 1994): 3 0 6 12; t e r m i n o l o g y revised in Nature 3 7 5 (4 M a y 1995): 88. 6 M e a v e G . Leakey, C r a i g S. Feibcl, I a n M c D o u g a l l , a n d A l a n W a l k e r , " N e w Four-millionyear-old H o m i n i d Species f r o m K a n a p o i a n d Allia Bay, K e n y a , " Nature 3 7 6 (17 A u g .

16 T h e flaking skill evident in Oldowan tools found at G o n a implies a much earlier development of the knowledge of stone-tool manufacture, but the identification of the hominid who made the tools remains unknown. T i m e and location, however, make A. garhi a prime contender for the tool mak- E v o l u t i o n , " in Evolutionary History 0J the "Robust" Australopithecus. F r e d e r i c k E. G r i n e , e d . (New York: Aldi n e d e G r u y t e r , 1988), p p . 8 5 96, a n d Steven M i d i e n , 77ie Prehistory of the Mind.

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