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By Miriam Lichtheim

Chronologically prepared translations of historical Egyptian writings shed gentle upon the improvement of various literary types. Bibliogs.

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II. he temple of Amlin at Karnak, two of which have disappeared entirely. Of the remaining pair, the nonhern onc still stands in its original position, while its companion has fallen. The obelisks are of pink Assuan granite. A column of inscription was carved on each of the four sides of the shaft, and subsequently side columns with offering scenes were added. The bases on which the obelisks rested were also insrribed on all four sides. Th~ shaft and base inscriptions of the standing obdisk (except for the later additions to the shaft) are translated below.

The first campaign is narrated at length; the others are told more brieRy. The "Annals," as these records are called, are written in a direct and factual manner. They are thus both a primary historical source and an example of Egyptian royal records at their most realistic and [east rhetorical. The account of the First campaign is carved in vertical columns on the north wall of the second. or eastern, hall. he lines have lost portions at the top or bottom. ITERATURE Publication: Urk. IV, 645-667.

NTAL INSCRIP'I"IONS 39 10. Faulkner, op. , p. " It is true that h3t 0, "front of the land," sometimes means "Southland," but this me~ing does not suit here, since a term denoting "foreigners" is required. , desert nomads. " 11. " The warlike god Wepwaut, represented as a jackal or wolf, is meant. 12. Unidentified region of Nubia. 13. Horus and Seth, whose ullion represented the united kingship of Egypt. 14. Isis and Nephthys, the guardians of Osiris. THE GREAT SPHINX STELA OF AMENHOTEP II AT GIZA Originally carved to represent King Khafra, the great sphinx of Giza came to be worshiped as a manifestation of the sun-god Harmakhis (Horus-in-the-horizon).

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