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By Judson Knight; Stacy A McConnell; Lawrence W Baker

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Those are interesting occasions for all these thinking about the heritage of historic Israel, Judaism, and early Christianity, for the previous few many years have noticeable an unparalleled volume of scholarly paintings upon either textual and artifactual proof. a transparent knowing of the connection among archaeology and literary fabric is essential for students who desire to reconstruct the background of rising Israel.

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I used to be invited to jot down this publication as a part of the Minerals, Rocks and natural fabrics sequence of Springer-Verlag by means of Professor Peter J. Wyllie in 1974. Ophiolites have preoccupied me ever for the reason that 1948 as a graduate scholar and as much as the current time as a part of my examine with the U. S. Geological Survey.

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Constantine declares an end to persecution of Christians in Roman Empire. : Eastern Chin Dynasty established in China. c. : Candra Gupta establishes Gupta Empire in India. : King Ezana of Aksum goes to war against Kush and destroys Meröe. : Council of Nicaea adopts Nicene Creed, Christian statement of faith; declares Arianism a heresy. : Constantine renames Greek city of Byzantium; as Constantinople, it becomes eastern capital of Roman Empire. c. : Candra Gupta dies; his son Samudra Gupta takes throne, and later conquers most of Indian subcontinent.

Cleopatra goes to Rome with Julius Caesar. : On March 15, a group of conspirators assassinates Julius Caesar in the chambers of the Roman senate. : Octavian, Mark Antony, and Lepidus form Second Triumvirate. : Cleopatra and Mark Antony begin political and personal alliance. : Mark Antony leaves his wife, Octavian’s sister, and joins Cleopatra; launches military campaigns in southwest Asia. : Herod the Great becomes vassal king in Roman-controlled Judea. : Octavian removes Lepidus from power, begins dealing with Mark Antony.

Just as a per2 Ancient Civilizations: Almanac son’s body is built around their spine, the Nile was the spine of Egypt; without it, there would have been no pharaohs or pyramids or any Egyptian civilization of any kind—only desert. Not only is the Nile the world’s longest river, at 4,160 miles (6,695 kilometers), it is also the only major river on Earth that flows northward. From its source deep in the African continent, in the present-day nation of Burundi, the Nile flows into Lake Victoria, crosses the Equator, and spans half the length of Africa, running through the countries of Uganda and Sudan before entering Egypt.

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