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By Alan R. Katritzky

(from preface)Volume fifty one of Advancesconsists of 3 chapters, V. V. Mezheritskii and V. V. Tkachenko (Rostov-on-Don, U.S.S.R.) overview the synthesis of peri-annelated heterocycles, a wide and engaging type which has no longer formerly been taken care of in a scientific style. R. M. Acheson (Oxford, U.K.) offers the 1st specified survey of l-hydroxypyrroles and their benzo derivatives, compounds which exhibit an enticing and strange chemistry. ultimately, B. A. Trofimov (Irkutsk, U.S.S.R.) describes the mini-fold preparative hazard for pyrroles from ketoximes and acetylenes, a response found by means of Trofimov and constructed via him right into a most crucial access into pyrrole chemistry.Volume fifty one must have been an ''Index Volume,'' and certainly the indices have been already in a sophisticated level, while critical affliction within the indexer's fast kin avoided their inclusion during this quantity. they are going to seem in a later quantity.

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V. MEZHERITSKII AND V . V. TKACHENKO the formation of a C-C bond between the carbon atoms of a carbonyl and the activated 0-alkyl groups situated in positions 1 and 8 of the naphthalene nucleus. The dicarboxylic acid derivatives 283, obtained on carboxy and carboalkoxy alkylation of 1,8-hydroxynaphthoic acid and esters 282, are converted into 2-substituted 3-acetoxynaphtho[bc]pyrans 284 [63JCS2907; 66JCS(C)523] or naphtho[bc]pyran-3-ones 285 [67JCS(C)1782]under Dieckmann condensation conditions.

Construction of benzo[cd]indole nucleus from naphthaloimide derivatives. The general principle of synthesizing naphthostyryl and its derivatives 174 is based on oxidation of naphthaloimides 178 in the Hofmann reaction [06CB(42)2336; lOCB439; 1 lBSF86; 22HCA560; 54MI1; 55ZOB2485; 57MIl; 61MI11 or on rearrangement of N-dinitrophenyloxy (74ZOR2232; 77ZOR2194) and N-acyloxy- [%MI1 ;66JCS(C)523 ;70ZOR1480; 72ZOR165; 73ZOR171; 75GEP2417789; 76ZOR1057, 76ZOR1787; 77GEP2628653; 81TH1,81ZOR1013) naphthaloimides 18Ob-e by the action of bases (alkali metal hydroxides, alcoholates, and amines).

MEZHERITSKII AND V. V. TKACHENKO [Sec. B methoxynaphthalene under basis conditions, conditions is converted into N-acetyl derivative of I ,2-dihydrobenzo[cd]indole112 (5OHCA 1797). The heterocyclization of pen-aminonaphthoyl compounds allows the preparation of three main types of benzo[cd]indole series, namely, bases 1l3, benzo[cdjindolium salts 114, and benzo[cd]indole-2-ones 115. Because closure to the nitrogen heterocycle is so facile, peri-aminosubstituted naphthaldehydes and naphthyl ketones, even under conditions of their formation, are converted into benzo[cd]indoles 1W.

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