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These conditions are only fulfilled if either the kinetic energy of the product ion mj is increased or the analysing fields are diminished. 1a Accelerating voltage scan (AVS). io raise Vi . f ) . s W* = f . This increase in kinetic energy raises the momentum J = mv simultaneously: 37 Hardware That means that the momentum J * of the product ion m equals the momentum of the original main ion beam and therefore the product ion m can pass the magnetic sector as well. By continuous increase of the accelerating voltage every precursor ion, generating a particle of mass m , can be detected.

This fact is of decisive importance because it clearly shows the difficulties involved in the interpretation of mass spectra. The signal at m I ζ does not indicate from which metastable ion it is originating. It is only possible to calculate the proportion of mass between metastable ions and product ions (m^/mi) not the mass of the metastable ion itself. In the previously mentioned equation with two unknown quantities (III) the determinant for the masses is still missing; neither m£ nor m^ is defined.

Comparison of the resolving power of a DADI/MIKE -, collisional activation -, and B/E linked scan spectrum of the molecular icn of 3-methyl-4-phenyl-2-butanone. The linked scan provides the best, the collisional activation spectrum the worst mass resolution. Compare intensity relations in Fig. 15. 1 Presentation As was shown in Chapter 2, appropriate measurement of metastable ions and of their decomposition products do not only enable definitions to be made of ion masses - as in the conventional mass spectrometry but also enable one to obtain simultaneously details about the origin and the fate of ions.

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