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By Nigel Ray, Grant Walker

J. Frank Adams had a profound effect on algebraic topology, and his works proceed to form its improvement. The overseas Symposium on Algebraic Topology held in Manchester in the course of July 1990 was once devoted to his reminiscence, and almost the entire world's major specialists took half. This two-volume paintings constitutes the lawsuits of the symposium. The articles contained the following variety from overviews to stories of labor nonetheless in development, in addition to a survey and entire bibliography of Adams' personal paintings. those complaints shape an immense compendium of present learn in algebraic topology, and person who demonstrates the intensity of Adams' many contributions to the topic. right here within the first quantity the topic is principally volatile homotopy idea, homological and specific algebra. the second one quantity is orientated towards good homotopy conception, the Steenrod algebra and the Adams spectral series.

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F. Adams -9 is induced by a map f defined after finite localization. Conversely, given an admissible map cp, there is a unique homomorphism t9 such that the diagram commutes, and z9 can be induced by a map f defined after finite localization. Thus there is a bijective correspondence between homomorphisms t9 induced by maps f defined after finite localization and W'-equivalence classes of admissible maps cp. For any f : BG -* BG', f* : K(BG') --+ K(BG) carries R(G') into R(G). There is a detailed Lie theoretic analysis of admissible maps, and there are lots of concrete calculational examples and case by case calculations.

In fact, this paper results from a failed swindle presented in 1973 lectures at Chicago. Adams presented the theory without the solution set analog, thereby constructing localizations and completions without doing a shred of work. " However, even Frank's rare mistakes had good effects. Pete was inspired by these lectures to develop the theory of localizations of spaces and spectra at generalized homology theories. As the talks of Devinatz, Hopkins, Bousfield, Greenlees, and others made clear, such localizations are of fundamental importance in homotopy theory.

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