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By Lynn Margulis

During this groundbreaking publication, Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan current a solution to 1 of the iconic mysteries of evolution--the resource of inherited edition that offers upward push to new species. Random genetic mutation, lengthy believed to be the most resource of edition, is simply a marginal issue. because the authors show during this ebook, the extra vital resource of speciation, via a long way, is the purchase of latest genomes through symbiotic merger. the results of thirty years of delving right into a great, generally arcane literature, this is often the 1st ebook to move beyond--and display the serious obstacles of--the "Modern Synthesis" that has ruled evolutionary biology for nearly 3 generations. Lynn Margulis, whom E. O. Wilson known as "one of the main profitable artificial thinkers in glossy biology," and her co-author Dorion Sagan have written a finished and scientifically supported presentation of a idea that at once demanding situations the assumptions we carry in regards to the number of the residing international.

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Unlike the male, who remains biologically "more primitive," the female is organically a "more finely differentiated being, that is, one that is adapted to more complex situations" (1o3-1o4; his emphasis). Or as he states in his clinical diary of 1932,"The feminine principle, that is, the principle of suffering, is the more intelligent" (1932: 42). So how is the female forced down this path of deathlike "conciliation," rather than lifelike "self-assertion"? Ferenczi claims that male dominance is virtually guaranteed, first of all, by his greater physical strength and, second, by his ability (apparently biological) to fascinate the female "hypnotically" (1924: 3i); he later calls these two methods "fright and seduction," and also "father and mother hypnosis" (106).

Thornton, Freud's experimentation with cocaine is reflected in his impressive productivity during the 1890's, and in the near cosmological proportions of the Project (1983: 229 - 30). It is certainly true that Freud's scientific psychology is a metapsychological and metaphysical concoction of rather baroque proportions. As his- THE HETEROGENEOUS 'BEYOND ' THE HETEROGENEOUS 'BEYOND' torian Richard Webster puts it, "Although Freud described his model of mind in remorselessly scientific language, it remained no less speculative in its nature than any of his other metapsychological structures" (1995: 173).

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