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By Vincent Gasnier

Do you're keen on daring reds? How approximately fruity whites? what is your own wine kind? one of many fastest-rising stars on this planet of wine has found a enjoyable, clean, and intuitive solution to easy methods to realize the flavors you're keen on top- and decide precisely the correct bottle of wine at any time when.

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However, while too much wind can be tempered and too little water can be remedied, unseasonal weather conditions can cause vinegrowers all sorts of problems, and extreme conditions can lead to catastrophe. seasonal defenses In cooler climates, frost can be a killer! During the winter months, when vines are dormant, they are able to withstand bitterly cold temperatures, as low as –4°F (–20°C). But a hard frost occurring in late spring, when the buds are just breaking or the fruit is “setting”—when the flowers fade and fall away and the tiny grapes begin to form—can devastate a vineyard.

While this might not be such a problem for red wines, if the skins of white grapes are split a long time before they reach the winery, essential aromas will be lost and the wine may suffer. At the winery, the grapes are destemmed (the stalks are removed) and crushed to create a pulpy mixture called “must”; this is then usually wine styles making wine 42 fermentation tanks Oak vats, such as these at the Louis Jadot winery in Burgundy, are traditionally used to ferment wine. However, nowadays many wineries use vats made of stainless steel.

47 vine to wine A winemaker’s job is never done. Be it winter, spring, summer, or fall, there are always plenty of jobs to be done, either outdoors in the vineyard or indoors in the winery, or even underground in the cellar. Of course, new materials, machinery, and technology have revolutionized the way wine is made, but the best winemakers still care for their vines and wines as they do their own children. In spring, when the vines are flowering, they sit up all night burning stoves in the vineyard to keep late frosts at bay; once the grapes are gathered and pressed, they keep a round-the-clock vigil in the winery, anxiously watching over the fermentation.

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