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The advisor to Craft Brewing explains tips to brew your individual beer in transparent and simple phrases, making this well known and profitable pastime available to all.

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5–10 are recommended for those who have to indulge in treating bicarbonate water with sulphuric acid or lime. pH papers 4–6 are necessary for all water treatments, plus checking mash, wort and beer acidity. A digital pH meter is also an option, and requires regular calibration in a buffer solution. A small bottle of iodine is required for starch tests. A white eggcup will make a good receptacle in which to test a sample of wort and keep the iodine bottle tidy. Water-treatment salts should be kept dry in screw-topped jars; calcium chloride is very hygroscopic and will quickly absorb moisture and turn solid.

After use, a wash with soapy water is sufficient. Wort Aeration Traditionally home brewers have successfully splashed the cooled wort from one vessel to another to aerate it. An aquarium air pump and air stone (a plastic or artificial porous stone that creates masses of microbubbles as the air passes through it) is also popular, and these can deliver 2–3ltr of air per minute. The cooling and gauging vessel. Fermentation Vessels There is a variety of polypropylene vessels available, with volumes ranging from 30 to 210ltr, so there is a size to meet everyone’s thirst!

Spring-sown Optic, Chalice and Decanter, however, are the dominant varieties, with extracts of 305–308 LDK. 65 per cent and need not be as fully modified as pale malt. The slightly higher nitrogen content means that up to 25 per cent of adjuncts can be used without adversely diluting the essential FAN required for yeast growth. Its diastatic power ranges from 35–48°L and so mild malt can tolerate up to 15 per cent of mash tun adjuncts. Mild malt is cured to 6–7 EBC°. Wheat Malt On account of its thin husk, wheat malt provides some 8 per cent more starch than pale malt.

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