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Short-tempered. , ; sec N. and N. account. w. I count nought I hold it in no Cawwnt, ' esteem. 'Countin', a. arithmetic. Country side, G. neighbourhood. ' Courts, G. small railed-in spaces in front of houses. w. , without horns. ' It's G. the core. w. to rake together. w. to ex- change. (' Ceapman. ) N. to overturn. w. a cart. N. the upper hand ; the advantage as of a practised Cowper hand, chapman. G. having the first word, or the word that gives the advantage. Cowpress, c. the fulcrum. Cowper word, Cowshin, Cotterel, a.

A bletheran' ' as G. pale yellow. E. ugly or illmade; shameful. 'Skinner writes it Beezan, or Beesen, or Bison : blinded from by, signifying besides, and the Dutch word sin, signifying sense,' a mistaken etymology, corrected in E. D. S. Glos B. 15, p. 33. ' feulL' to roar TS. ' to bellow. ' G. to splash. ; Blish, E. an attack of purging. Slash, Bleary, c. windy, cold, and showery. Bleatt, N. , c. Blebbery, timid. ; the bleaberry Vaccinium myrtillus. ' Blab, out a secret. o. to let Blebs, c. bubbles; watery blisters.

Back-boord, dough upon Back-bred, ; a board to roll a bake board. G. bred late in the year or season. c. Many the of fell-dales, to. against commons were formerly breasted with stone on the exposed side, or with stone my and fences G. aslant. , and some G. silly lakins, G. children's play- Back-dyke, G. instead. w. spider's web. A-varst, G. a vast deal. Aydlins, set in reference to the feet. Ass, gay c. a skeleton. ' c. It's to earn. as willingly ; as the other. apart. ' it is. ' Atomy, Aydle, diagonal.

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