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Поваренная книга 1876

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131 Winter, 143 " Griddle Cakes, 143 Soup, 13 Peppers. Croquettes of, 132 for Winter Use, 132 Potatoes, a I'Anna, 133 Baked, 133 Balls, 133 to Boil, 133 Boiled, 133 Cadeau, 133 and Chocolate. 134 Cake, 137 Cakes. 134 Creamed. 134 Croquettes, 134 Crumbed. 135 Escalloped. 135 French Fried, 135 Fried, 135 " and Parslej-, 136 Hash Brown, 136 Klosse, 136 Loves, 137 Lyonnaise, 137 ^raitre d'hotel, 137 142 Fried, 321 Tomatoes, with Brains. 143 An Gratin, 144 with Chicken, 143 Devilled, 144 Fried, 144 Pilau, 145 Stewed, 145 Stuti'ed, 145 Turnips, in Butter, 145 and Bread Crumbs, 145 Stewed, in Gravy, 145 Mashed, 146 and Peas, 146 Vegetable Marrow.

94 SALAD ' U FOR. 147 Casserole, 148 and Cheese. 14S Crnc|uettes, 14S 201 PufPs, 203 Pastry, 232 PTTMPKIN PTE, ICING, 225 RUM PUNCH, 302 RYE MEAL MUFFINS, 280 270 11^ Calf's P^rains, 114 Cauliflower, 115 Celery, 115 Cheese. 114 Chicken, 115 Dressing- for, 115 Endive, 116 "F. F. " 116 French Dressiiig- for, 116 Jardiniere, 116 Lettuce, 116 Lobster, 116 Mayonnaise. 117 Orang-e. 117 Oyster, 117 Potato. 117, 118 Romaine, 118 Sweet Bread, 117 Tomato, 118 with Caviare. Ill, 118 ALPHABETICAL INDEX. SAUCE SALAD Contiimed.

FISH. 17 FISH. Fish is better juices and flavor fat for frying. ; water extracts the fried than boiled always use a deep vessel with plenty of ; Roasted or baked fish are always good, and Sir Henry He says be so prepared. " To bake, place the fish in a tin vessel only slightly deeper than its' own thickness, with a lid to prevent the escape of the flavor; the dish to be well buttered, placed in a closed oven and the fish served in the original dish if Thompson advises that " Even a coarse kind of fish fish : if possible.

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