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By Murray Bromberg, Melvin Gordon

A Barron's bestseller for years, this e-book is healthier than ever in a new fourth version. as well as its regular vocabulary lists, this version encompasses a new part referred to as landscape of phrases. during this characteristic, all of the 1100 phrases appears to be like in a sentence chosen from between popular novels, performs, poems, or even newspaper editorials and television declares. The publication is a vocabulary builder aimed without delay at college-bound highschool scholars, in addition to students who want additional vocabulary aid. scholars will locate observe lists with definitions, analogy workouts, unique observe video games, and engaging words-in-context workouts.

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Many a vocabulary e-book lists esoteric phrases we speedy fail to remember or believe self-conscious utilizing. despite the fact that, there's a bounty of selection phrases among the typical and the esoteric that frequently appear be simply at the tip of our tongue. Vocabulary 4000 brings those phrases to the fore.

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Suarez explained, "might be considered __________ by some but you could have come to me, alone or with a committee, to register your complaints. I would have investigated and, if there was merit to your charges, would have taken the necessary action. " Vincent and Elena seemed to be chastened by Mrs. Suarez's lecture. However, on leaving her office, Elena told an assistant principal that in a similar incident on a television show she learned that direct, dramatic action usually gets quicker results than lengthy debate.

Immediately ____ 6. forthwith f. blameworthy ____ 7. fray g. range of authority ____ 8. harass h. to show contempt ____ 9. implacable i. poverty-stricken ____ 10. indigent j. to irritate ____ 11. jurisdiction k. violent outburst ____ 12. monolithic l. to end ____ 13. oust m. a likeness ____ 14. paroxysm n. go back ____ 15. reprehensible o. to torment ____ 16. revert p. riotous ____ 17. skirmish q. eject ____ 18. stymie r. small battle ____ 19. terminate s. aware ____ 20. turbulent t. based on whim Idioms ____ 21.

2. The rescue team heard the miner's voice __________ through the caves. 3. * 4. The voluble* insurance salesman gave my father no __________. 5. Besieged* by debts, the corporation finally had to __________ to bankruptcy. Definitions Match the new words with their meanings. 6. excruciating ____ a. an interval of relief, delay 7. respite ____ b. worrisome, irritable 8. reverberating ____ c. reechoing, resounding 9. fretful ____ d. agonizing, torturing 10. succumb ____ e. to give way, yield Today's Idiom a red herringsomething that diverts attention from the main issue (a red herring drawn across a fox's path destroys the scent) We felt that the introduction of his war record was a red herring to keep us from inquiring into his graft.

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